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How do I apply for a quote?

You can apply easily for a quote and plan with us. It’s free! All we need is a copy of your electrical bill and address you wish to install solar and we are good to go. From there, we can talk to you in depth about a solar roof plan, brands of panels and when you would be interested in installing.

What Rebates are there? How do I get one?

There are several government rebates that are available to households that can be claimed. There is the solar hot water rebate, the solar panel rebate and the solar battery rebate. As a solar company, we only do the solar panel rebate.

You can claim a rebate by falling under the eligible requirements needed. At Allstate Solar Energy we will help you claim your rebate if you are eligible. You can talk to us about your concerns or questions on the rebate application any time.

See our Rebate Information section for more detailed information.


Applying for eligibility

Solar Victoria has provided a handy video walkthrough of the customer rebate application if you are having trouble or if you just want information on the process.


Do you do free quotes and plans?

Yes we do!


How is the Solar Process done online?

Solar Victoria has the online ‘Solar Victoria Portal’ where our Solar team uploads our documents that get checked and approved by Solar Victoria. Once your solar quote and documents are uploaded, you will receive a message to take part in the upload process before its finalised and your Installation is completed.


Why is everything now on the ‘Solar Portal’ by Solar Victoria?

Solar Victoria has created an area for retailers and customers to work together in one place. That way scammers have a harder time getting your information with fake solar rebate schemes.


Can I apply for a solar Loan?

Yes you can!


Can I apply for solar if I’m renting?

Yes you can. There are several ways for solar rent to work through yourself or through your landlord. Contact us about these options and how you can get solar while renting.


How do I contact you?

Check out our contact information page for all of our details and times.



Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us about any other questions you might have.