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Solar Inverters in Dandenong South

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What is a Solar Inverter?

In a nutshell, an inverter converts the direct current (DC) energy output of your solar panels into a usable alternating current (AC) which can then power your household.

It is a crucial balance of system components and comes with a variety of adapted functions such as maximum point tracking (to maximise power extraction) and anti-islanding protection (islanding is a condition whereby power is supplied to a grid that is no longer present – very dangerous!).

Allstate Solar Energy only uses top-of-the-range brands, such as Risen, Fronius and LONGi Solar to ensure there is no compromise on quality.

Solar Inverter Supplier Dandenong South

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An Inverter’s role in Battery Management

While the battery quality is undeniably crucial in storing excess energy generated by the solar power system, it is the inverter that is responsible for its functionality.

The inverter is also responsible for increasing system efficiency, design and installation simplicity and overall system safety.

Allstate Solar Energy works with systems where only one inverter is required, which means there no unnecessary energy loss when converting AC energy to DC and back to AC again.

Solar Inverter Supplier Cranbourne

High voltage control

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